Export Your Van

Our company does not limit itself to the Dutch market. Our customer circle consists of relations from all over the world. Our exported vans can be found in South-Europe, in Scandinavia, Russia, and even in the African continent. We aim at thinking and acting beyond borders.

If you are a professional, you know that exporting a purchased vehicle to the country of destination, can be quite challenging. Procedures can be very time-consuming. We have good news for you because van Hunnik Vans is here to facilitate this for you. As professionals with significant experience, we know which paths to wander to avoid bureaucracy. We are more than happy to support you in the process.


Van Hunnik Vans also offers the following services especially for you: 

  • Delivering a temporary export license plate Including insurance, and organized within two days: from 350,-
  • Unsubscribing the van at the DVLA This service is free for Dutch vehicles 
  • Arranging required custom forms and documentation Export outside of the EU costs 38,-
  • Transporting the vehicle to a desired destination within Europe 
    Please contact us, as every situation is different
  • Transport of the van to a port of your choice 
    Please contact us, as every situation is different

For more information you can always contact our sales department: +31 488 453449 or send an email to info@vanhunnikbedrijfswagens.nl