Workshop - Van Service

People say: the difference is made at the workshop, the heart of every car company. We fully agree with this. We have a modern, well-organize BOVAG-certified workshop with professional and experienced employees.

Because we are all-round players, there is no challenge too big for us. It is important to know that our vans are repaired, converted, and maintained completely according to BOVAG standards. Because of our friendly-prices workshop services, we have built a strong customer-base over the years.


Van Hunnik Vans offers: 

  • Big and small maintenance services
  • Damage repair
  • Aircon service and window repair
  • Installation of certified alarm-and security systems (SCM)
  • Tires- and exhaust services
  • Window repair and window replacement
  • Warranty services
  • Interior placement or adjustments. For example: installing double cabins, adjustments for special transport, spoilers, imperials, and tow bars.

Make an appointment with our seller or Roel Tap, our workshop Chef. Small issues can be taken care of immediately. If this is not possible, you will receive vehicle replacement. 

For more information you can always contact our workshop department: +31 488 453449 or send an email to